When we don’t want to hear it….


Dr. Robert Anthony has said, “The thing you resist is the thing you most need to hear. ”

I remember when our daughter Ashlyn was about 3 years old how she would act when she knew I was about to say something she didn’t want to hear.   For example, when she saw  me walking up to her with a toothbrush, or a bottle of medicine, or her PJs she would say, “Don’t say it Daddy”.  She didn’t want to hear anything  about what she doesn’t want to do anything about.

Our little Joseph who is now three does almost the exact same thing but asks for my confirmation of my hearing him to get a verbal commitment from me… “Don’t say it daddy,…. Ok?”


Of course as adults we don’t engage in this type of behavior….do we?

Like  this man and like the woman pictured above Ashlyn and Joseph  were emotionally putting hands over their ears.  My teenage son and daughter use earphones and music instead of their hands.

What do we use when we don’t want to hear what we know we need to hear?

I often use my schedule as a tool to resist listening to what I need to hear.

When my body is telling to eat more healthy and exercise I too often try to block the message with a movie, or a nap.

Organizations do the same thing.  The culture isn’t right, the morale and engagement is low…but leaders put their hands over their ears and refuse to listen to the message that real change is needed, from them.

What do you use to stop from listening?  And a more important question … what is it you most need to hear?  And the most important question…. What are you going do about it?

Can you hear me now?  Are you even listening   🙂

Make it a great day, by listening to what you need to hear.Kirk Out


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