Art, and The Leaders First Responsibility ~ Max Depree



Most of us have a stack or two of leadership books…and many can, without hesitation,  identify our most favorite.

These are often the books that helped us shape, define and also refine our personal leadership philosophy.

One of my top 5 favorite books on Leadership is “The Art of Leadership by Max DePree— From it’s pages I have gained much insight, found needed validation, made important corrections, and gained confidence in my journey of helping leaders be more intentional and successful at establishing and nurturing positive workplace cultures.

Today I share just a few leadership insights from Max Depree and one of his most popular books on leadership.


Max Depree, was himself a dedicated student of leadership and a fan of Abraham Lincoln.  It’s not hard to speculate that much of his leadership style and philosophy was influenced by his admiration and study of Lincoln.

The first responsibility… and the last… and in between.

Am I helping the people I serve as a leader truly realize more of their potential?  Are they becoming more and better under my watch?  And am I a hindrance or a help in their journey of becoming?  Do they change with grace?  Lovely questions for our reflections on the “reality” of our leadership influence.

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.
– Max DePree

The Art of Leadership ( I love this book ~ Kirk)

What are your top five leadership books?


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