• Culture Warrior / Story Warrior
    Understand how to use storytelling more strategically to improve one's ability to engage, influence, and persuade others.  Storytelling can be one of the most powerful building tools with your team.  It is one of the very oldest, most effective, and proven tools of active leadership. Tragically, it is also one of the least understood and least utilized.
  • Aahhh The Refreshing Leader
    Great leaders know they must take time to replenish themselves to keep their leader's spirits fresh and their perspectives positive.  This workshop promises to help leaders do just that.
  • Creating a Cool Workplace Culture
    Are you looking for ways to make your company culture a better place?  If your work environment causes you to deal consistently with issues like disengagement, cynicism, sarcasm, negativity, burnout, toxicity, and apathy then this workshop is for you.
  • Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
    Your customers will be more delighted and engaged when your people are.  This session topic dives deep into how companies can give their customers something to smile about, remember, and come back for.
  • The power of "Re"
    Remember, Refresh, Reconnect, Recommit, Refocus... Understand and operationalize the powerful principle of "Re." Re- focus your vision and discover how to put your strengths to work. Re- fresh your attitude, your outlook, and your brain. Re- build a culture of unlimited potential. Re- invent yourself as a leader who inspires, engages, and who leaves others feeling re-freshed.
  • Culture Building vs. Team Building
    Culture building beats team building every time.  Team building is going to the gym once a year.  Culture building is going to the gym everyday for a 5-10 minute intense workout that focuses on building relationships, trust, clarity of vision, and purpose.
  • Tools for the Culture Tune Up
    You have the right people, on the right bus, in the rights seats.  You've got all the right procedures, policies, and best practices in place.  Yet, something seems to be missing.  It's the sense of shared excitement, enthusiasm, and emotional engagement to the workplace culture that is vital to the success of your team.  It's time for a culture tune up.
  • Leadership Development
    A lot of organizations unrealized potential is found in the unrealized potential of their future leaders.  New managers and leaders want to do great and be successful but often are not quite sure how.  Hope is not a strategy. we have to get intentional about developing our new leaders.  Attendees will leave this session with actionable ideas to take back to their people and begin right away.
  • Security & Safety; How to Secure your Culture
    Data breach alerts make headlines when thousands of e-mails and SSN are compromised.  If we had the same alert for culture breaches every time that some action, language, or policy breached, then our culture would be much safer.  We'd be better served to protect our culture by giving the same level of scrutiny as we are at protecting our data.
  • Service Management
    You can't go wrong by wowing your customer with excellent service.  In a world where a customer's experience can be tweeted and seen by hundreds of potential customers, good customer service is also good marketing.  Learn how to create a culture of servant-leaders.
  • UP2U
    Helping your people understand that the culture they want is a reflection of the choices and commitment they make and demonstrate everyday.  Creating a culture of total ownership is UP2U!  Find people's passions and unleash their strengths to find their unlimited potential.  Great leaders awaken the greatness in their people and refocus that greatness to get the job done.