Perfect Moments and the Fairy Queen

The world seems in a rush to point out and hold up the weaknesses, flaws and inconsistencies of places, policies, politics, and people.  And certainly one cannot deny that they exist.  We live on spinning planet filled with imperfect people responding to all sorts of conflicts, prejudices and problems.  But if we persist in being  fixated on the darkness of life and the brokenness  of others, we run the risk of missing what’s right in the world.

I think the light deserves as least equal time.   I heard once that, “What we give our attention to, has our attention.”  Our life is time and how we spend that time is not so much a matter of chance, as it is a matter of choice.

Of all that is available to see and call attention to in others… what will I choose to call attention and celebrate in the world around me?

 “What will I give my attention to today?”  or “What will I focus on?”

Seeking Perfect Moments – and The Fairy Queen

My wife Rebecca like to say, We are imperfect people, living in an imperfect world, seeking perfect moments.”  

This has helped us both be more intentional about what we seek  and celebrate in each other, our children and our world.

I am coming to understand more than ever before, that each day, even the most challenging ones, is filled with perfect moments.

What a tragedy it is to miss them, because we were so focused on the darkness of the world or the brokenness of others.

When our Ashlyn was younger she believed in Fairies.

She would put on her magic Fairy Queen wings and we would go looking for secret fairy houses around the yard.

It wasn’t easy because as you probably know they were always moving around.  (A bit like Elf on the Shelf)

So finding one was a magical and perfect moment.  BUT, We had to LOOK to find it.

Today, I invite you to look for, find and celebrate the light in others  and the perfect moments in your life.

Kirk Out


  1. Adam Walker


    Among so many great T4D’s, this one stands out as one of the best. I admit that this was a look in the mirror for me; I find myself fixated on the wrong way more than the right. I just hung this on my cube wall as a constant reminder to adjust my focus. Thanks so much for sending this.


    Adam Walker
    Change and Release Analyst

  2. Jim Schuster

    Hi Kirk. We haven’t corresponded for a while, so I just wanted to say hello and say THANK YOU for the outstanding message today.

    Given what’s happening in the world today – that horrible school shooting in FL – and some challenges in my own life, today’s message is absolutely perfect.

    Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for the wonderful message today.

    ‘Wishing you and your family the best!

    Jim Schuster, PMP
    Director, Technology Program Management

  3. Lynne

    Hi Kirk,
    “You find what you go looking for”

    This so resonated with me and it’s something I remind my students of frequently. And I love the story of Ashley hunting fairy houses. In an uncertain world we need more of that.

    I find in the worst of times it’s not so much going looking but of having the eyes to see the moments of perfection when they occur, to notice when someone is reflecting their light into our darkness.

    I’m off to India for the first time on Friday so you have given me a timely reminder. I plan to keep my eyes and heart wide open, and to go looking for fairy houses.

    Thank you for sharing as always. Wishing you a weekend full of perfect moments.

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