Do You Carry Excess Baggage?

After 20 years of traveling professionally I have learned a lot about packing light.  And I have seen a good share of people who by their own admission bring along a couple bags of “just in case” stuff often paying $50 to check these bags so they’ll have a $25 item if it’s needed.  They have also told me that they actually use less than 1/3rd of what they pack.  Then there’s my wife’s cousin Vanessa who somehow managed to travel to 7 countries over the course of a year with a tiny back pack designed for college books.  (And she always seemed to look great as she traveled light and lived free.)

“All of us carry excess baggage around from time to time, but the wisest ones among us don’t carry it around for very long.  They get rid of it.  Some of it you have to get rid of without really solving the problem.  Some things that ought to be put in order are not put in order because you can’t control them.  Often, however, the things we carry are petty, even stupid.  If you are still mad after all these years because Aunt Clara didn’t come to your wedding reception, why don’t you grow up?  Forget it”. ~ Boyd K. Packer

So don’t carry for excess baggage yourself and don’t carry it for others!  ~ Kirk Out



  1. Brent Horst

    In one house decluttering process it is suggested that you consider each item in our house that’s not a necessity and ask ourselves “does this bring me joy?”. If you don’t need it and it doesn’t bring you joy then purge it!

    Most of our work baggage certainly doesn’t being us joy and perhaps asking if it helps us move forward would be more appropriate. Grudges, old stereotypes of individuals, past hurts, etc. don’t usually move us forward. Some “baggage” is needed to protect us and to practice “Smart Trust” but most baggage just weighs us down for no good reason.

    Remember, if you are using both hands to drag your baggage, you don’t even have a free hand to greet an old friend or meet a new one. We have to let go of the baggage to even be able to shake their hand!

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