Be Your Best Self on Hump Day

Have you ever heard, “Don’t just be yourself, be your best self.”  I have, and while I haven’t always appreciated the phrase… I do now.  I want to be my best and I think most healthy people do.  But being “Our Best selves” isn’t going to happen by accident… it’s going to take some intention and some resolve.

First start with why do we want to be our best.  And what it means to you to be your best.

For me being my best – isn’t about people saying “Oh, he’s the best.” – It is about being able to be, serve and give my best to my family, my friends, my faith, and others. (Others are the friends I haven’t met yet…sometimes known as strangers).

One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: “To rise above the little things.”   — John Burroughs

Thank you John Burroughs.  I resolve to re-resolve to rise above the little things.  When I am caught up in and distracted by “little things” I am most often not remembering the bigger picture.  And what is the bigger picture?  The bigger picture for me is to be available, to be prepared, and to be responsive to the needs of the people around me.  To be my best!

Rise above the little things. - -Love and Other Drugs

Be prepared to be “the one” person for another person. Make this day – one of your BEST DAYS

And to help you on your way… this classic Geico Hump Day Commercial

WHY Are you DETERMINED to be yourself?



  1. I love competition. Watching people strive and drive to win is encouraging and motivating. Within my life, however, the only person I’m competing against is the version of me from yesterday. Love has many forms and as humans, we have the ability to deliver love every day, to every person. Sometimes it is tough love. Sometimes it is gentle love. Sometimes it is the love for a friend. And sometimes, I push to love myself. But it is all love.
    My best is when I stand in love and radiate that love to others around me. Whether it is as a leader in an organization, a neighbor, a family member or the stranger standing behind me in line at the store.
    Happy Hump Day my friend!

  2. Hi Kirk,

    In the spay/neuter world, everyday is hump day! So everyday, do and be your best. At the end of each day, you will know that you have given life, and those with whom you share it, your all.

    Good day, bad day, hump day – be your best possible self for today. Then you can sleep well and do it all again tomorrow! What a lucky world!

    May you feel your blessings,

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