Forget Hind-sight, Try Mind-Sight


Internet was down all morning… at first I was like “Bummer, now I can’t do these needful things.”

Then I changed my mind-sight and took another view.

Other possibilities soon opened up…including the playing of blocks with our 3 year old Joseph.

My personal productivity may have gone down a bit, but creativity, relationships and fun went way up!

 (Kind of embarrassed that playing with him wasn’t my first choice, but hey, someone has to buy the blocks right?)

Finding balance is always a challenge, but it is the challenges that help us to grow.

Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So to have a better day, we must choose to see the better way.  In short, “to be better, we must first decide to see better”.

BE BETTER – SEE BETTER – Insight Changes Eyesight… which is one of the main missions of the “T4D –Thought 4 the Day“.  So I invite you… heck, I challenge you to change the way you see your challenges and see what it changes.

Here are a few fun examples of how changing the way we look at things, can change the things we look at.

Have a Mind-Sight-ful Day!

Kirk Out

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