Introduction/ Short Bio:

Kirk Weisler, president of Team Dynamics, has over 18 years of experience with executive coaching, speaking, and research in building strong workplace cultures. Kirk’s perspective is simple and unpretentious and his suggestions are applicable and undiluted.  IT Professionals have awarded Kirk with “The Speaker of Highest Merit Award” and organizations tweet him as the “People Whisperer” for his exceptional way of connecting with people individually and collectively. Kirk is known for his ability to share personal life stories, converse with his audience, and offer coaching that builds trust and inspires action.

Kirk is currently the Chief Morale Officer for companies and organizations around the globe.  He is a past leader of the National Speakers Association, a master team builder, and a professional storyteller. He has been a part of 7 startups.  One of these startups created over 1,000 jobs for aspiring IT professionals.

In 2014 Kirk was invited to give over 50 presentations on leadership in other countries, visiting every continent. He continues to work with the best and brightest teams from dude ranches to medical institutions to help them on their journey of building a more engaged and positive culture.

Kirk’s book “The Dog Poop Initiative” has sold over 80,000 copies. It has now been translated into German, Spanish, and even Hebrew. While this book is written for all ages and can be found in many public school libraries, the #1 buyer of the book is Boeing Aircraft who use it for their Six Sigma Lean program. Managers often use this book for their morning huddles or weekly kick-off meetings.

Prior to Kirk’s career as a CMO and professional speaker, he served in the 19th Special Forces and as a US Army Ranger. Kirk and his best friend Rebecca have been married for 24 years and have six awesome children.


Click for 5 Fast Facts

Here are 5 little known facts about Kirk:

  1. Kirk once received 3 speeding tickets in under 45 minutes in a 15 mile stretch of road as a young adult.
  2. Kirk was a part of a team that created 1,000 IT Support jobs in just 2 years.
  3. Every Saturday morning Kirk rides his bike to Dunkin Donuts with his 8 year old daughter Ashlyn.
  4. Kirk is a regular Jamba Juice customer.  By regular we mean about 6 times a week.
  5. Kirk wrote a book called the Dog Poop Initiative that has sold nearly 100, 000 copies and is most widely used by IT professionals and Six Sigma Lean trainers.  The number one buyer of his book is Boeing Aircraft.