T4D ~ Culture Alive, Intentional Growth

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. ~ Karen Kaiser Clark

One of my favorite quotes is “Growth is the only evidence of life.”

As if we needed them, study after study shows the critical relationship between both individual health and personal development.  The health measured is generally in the categories of emotional, physical and relationships.  Similar studies on organizational health aka culture, show similar results.  Organizations that  prioritize personal and team development of their staff not only have physically healthier staff, but also happier, more engaged and productive staff.  The positive cultural outcomes of an intentional leadership focus on developing people is its own reward.

So Let us Choose a Healthy Culture by Choosing Wisely by Choosing Growth.

Q4C2 ~ Questions 4 Cultural Consideration

How can I choose wisely, grow more intentionally and inspire others to do the same?

Kirk Out

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