Focus, Distraction, and Significance an RV Adventure

Spring break last week with the kids was a blast.  Driving a large borrowed RV required tremendous focus for me to keep it between the lines. Especially during some of the high wind crossings from AZ to San Dieg0  and again while winding up from Flagstaff through the Grand Canyon, as well as portions of  the Escalante Grand Staircase.  Even without the wind blowing, the precious cargo of my family had me wired pretty tight and constantly  focused like a laser on traffic conditions.  It was a simultaneously an exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting experience.

Today I finally returned the RV to my kind friend washed, fueled, and prepared for his next family adventure.  I left his home driving in a much smaller vehicle, and in a noticeably  much more relaxed state of mind, body and spirit.  Still focused, still safe (I hope) but it was amazing what a difference I now felt being in a smaller more familiar size vehicle.

It brings to mind one of my most favorite quotes on the dangers of distraction and the less obvious disasters that can result from or losing our focus on the things that matter most.

“Most of us will miss the real significance of what we might experience from this life, and what we might contribute to this life, not because we are bad people doing bad things, but because we have allowed ourselves to become distracted from doing the most important ones.”

We all know it can be hard work to stay focused on the most important things… but we also know staying focused on those things may be the most important work we will ever do.  ~ Kirk Weisler

For you RV hard cores out there…

Here’s a few pictures from the trip…

 YUMA Prison (to drop off one of the kids.)  But she broke out and rejoined us before we could get away.

 Sunset Cliffs and the all day bike ride around Mission Bay area. So fun.

 The 3 Amigos on Mission Bay Beach

 The most challenging part of the whole adventure…loading 6 bikes on the back. Luckily I had the help of a brilliant 3 year old.  Thank you Joseph.

 Brooks and I on the South Rim – just before the RV jump attempt inspired by Evil Knevil.

 San Diego Temple – to beautiful to not walk the grounds.

 The Dwarf Car Museum in Maricopa AZ… more than “a little” impressive.

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