Doing Your “Little Bit” for Excellence

I’ll never forget  one of Jim Collins observations in his landmark book “Good to Great” where he noted the difference between a good leader, a good team, a good company and a truly great one wasn’t generally the result of some huge thing.  Rather it was the cumulative results of several little things that on the surface may not appear to be of great significance.  The difference in those that achieved greatness was their willingness to do just a “little bit more” than others were willing to do.

To have more than we currently have we must become more than we currently are.  Sounds easy and hard at the same time doesn’t it?

“Excellence is the result of: Caring more than others think is wise…

Risking more than others think is safe…

Dreaming more than others think is practical, and

Expecting more than others think is possible.”

So let’s do a little “more than” the average person does.

Make it an excellent day by doing “more than” and trust that the results of pursuing this course will lead us both onward and upwards –from Good to Great.

Kirk out


  1. Brent Horst

    I believe that quote is from Howard Schultz.

    I have it on my wall above my monitor and see it every day.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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