Create the Habits Your Want to Create the Future You Want

I first heard the following words from the lips of Dr. Stephen Covey….

First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” ― Rob Gilbert

In pursing his mission to help the world learn, adopt and live the 7Habits Dr. Covey spent his life inviting others to adopt better habits, be better leaders and live better lives.  The very foundation of his message was the cornerstone of habit.

The Recent best selling book, “The Power of Habit” offers some research and insight into the science of forming habits and more importantly overcoming and changing bad habits for good ones.

Here is a short but insightful video that might be used to spark some dialogue or inspire some consideration and reflection on the importance of being more intentional with the habits that have and are shaping our lives and our workplace cultures today.

So to create the future we want…. we must create the habits necessary to get us there. ~Kirk Weisler

Or said more simply…

Create the Habits Your Want to Create the Future You Desire ~ Kirk Weisler

Or said simply and brilliantly….

Make it a habit to make it a great day!

Kirk Out

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